My journey began when I and hundreds of other citizens came to a city council meeting to voice their concerns about issues, including legislation that was being passed in Richmond that would ultimately affect our lives, along with our family and friends. That evening, we had our 1st Amendment rights impeded when the Mayor, in an unbelievable move, took our speaking time from 3 minutes down to 1 minute. The move showed us that the Mayor and the council members ultimately disregarded the citizens’ concerns and motivated many citizens to say, we aren't going to take this any more and here I and many others are to make a change.

So, Let's come together and do something about it!

Let's Make A Change, For The Better For Our City!


Community Dialogue and Engagement

Because of the violation of our basic right to speak out, my top agenda is to support Community Dialogue and Engagement that comes through basic conversations that we all have with our neighbors and at council meetings. I believe the city council as a whole is not listening and taking action on behalf of the citizens. I will create new ways to engage our citizens. It is important to go to the citizens and not have them come to you.

Safe After School Kids/Youth Play Venues

 I will work to find options to get our Gyms and Rec Centers open and staffed to provide our youth a safe place to play. There are too many options available that will assist in making this happen. Our children are depending on us.

Veteran and Active Duty Programs

I will continue to support our Veterans and Active duty program to get them connected with support services to meet their needs. In addition, I will bring them to the forefront as we have an abundant number of veterans and active duty that live among us and they should be honored with the respect.

Second Amendment Supporter

I am proud to say that I have and will always support our Constitution and our Second Amendment. Our families and the women of our community should not be told they will have to be victims. If our government and local elected officials are not honorable enough to stand up for the people of the city and against those who want to take away our right to defend ourselves, then they need to be voted out of office.

Renters Rights

I will find new ways to inform our citizens that they have rights when it comes to housing. Specifically, the options that are available to the responsible renters when their landlord does not hold up their part of their leases. We need to work to protect our citizens and children from these predatory landlords.

Final Thought

I am a Navy Veteran who takes pride in helping others. When danger comes knocking at your door and seconds count, you will want a good person around to protect you, your family, friends and neighbors. Refuse to be a Victim! I pray that each of us remembers this.


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